Leader's Journey Training

If a leader’s role is to set a vision, mission or strategy for the team to deliver, then leadership needs to ensure that everyone owns it 100% and is empowered to do so. This program is focused on enabling the behavioral changes that transform and lead to lasting, commercial, tangible change. There’s no PowerPoints, laptops, graphs or excel charts. There is real hands-on learning, purposeful thinking and challenging interactivity, with tried and tested models that transform accountability, confidence and performance. Fast. 

Speed of Trust

Contrary to what most believe, trust is not some soft, illusive quality that you either have or you don’t, it is a learnable skill. Teams and organizations that operate with high trust significantly outperform teams and organizations with low trust. More relevant now than ever, Leading at the Speed of Trust helps organizations create a high-trust culture of collaboration and engagement, resulting in greater speed and lower costs throughout the organization. This solution has been developed with an intense focus on helping organizations increase  trust among their teams by focusing on 13 behaviors that, when implemented, will sustain changes in human behavior and lead to lasting change within the organization.

Quantum Negotiation

Quantum Negotiation presents a new approach for getting what is really needed in negotiations. Where traditional negotiation courses, designed decades ago, focused on cognitive skills, Quantum Negotiation delves deeper to address the power of personal values which actually drive negotiation strategy and behaviors. Negotiation is always personal. Nearly all social interactions require negotiation. The success of these interactions can depend greatly on unseen important factors that include psychological and emotional attachments, and personal belief systems. This course is designed to enhance negotiation performance through presentation and experience of Quantum Negotiation techniques. 

Project Management Essentials

Knowledge workers and leaders have quietly slipped into the role of unofficial project manager. The lack of time management, poor persuasion skills, scope creep, and no formal project or process training, all combine to raise the probability of project failure costing organizations time, money, and employee morale. This work session will help participant’s consistently complete projects successfully. Participants will learn to implement a disciplined process to execute projects and to master informal authority to inspire the team. 

Emotional Intelligence

Presentation Advantage

The coast of poor or failed presentations won’t show up blatantly on your balance sheet, but they are one of the greatest hidden and pervasive costs of the 21st century workplace. Franklin Covey’s Presentation Advantage will teach you the mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets to consistently delivery highly successful presentations. 

Sales Accelerator

Lead with Energy

Understanding the importance of Energy and how to harness it for personal and professional success.

Leader as Coach

Women's Leadership

Streamline Productivity

Unlock the power of efficient communication to create a culture of efficiency. Streamline Certified offers a 1 day workshop designed to introduce a new mind set toward communication as a productivity tool. We teach individuals, teams and organizations how to achieve more by saying less.


Custom Leadership Programs

Understanding Core Energy for high potential leaders and why it impacts how they interact and approach work.