JENNIFER NAHMAN - ICF Professional Certified Coach, ELI-MP, MBA

Jennifer provides clients with the space to develop the vision and action plan to become a ‘rock star’ in their chosen profession. She works with people to raise awareness and become accountable for their own life, career and sense of purpose. Jennifer takes the time to really connect with people and facilitates the identification of limiting beliefs and assumptions so people can own their action plan for their ideal career. Her passion is to coach people to find new possibilities and perspectives that enhance personal fulfillment and outstanding performance.

Jennifer has an exciting past in human resources, organizational development and coaching in the energy and automotive industries. She has done everything from labor relations, recruitment, talent development, reorganizations and HR Management, but her true passion is for coaching and employee development. Jennifer excels in working with individuals and teams to unleash their potential and ability to produce stellar performance. Her twenty year career in Human Resources has allowed her to wear many hats including that of coach, advisor, manager and change champion.

Jennifer has a BA in Labor Relations and an MBA in Human Resources. She has enjoyed a career in Canada and the Unites States, with ten years in the automotive industry and ten years in the energy industry. Jennifer completed her iPec coaching certification and ELI – Energy Leadership Index Assessment Certification.

Jennifer’s  recent work includes:

  • Organizational design and change management
  • Employee on boarding,  induction and engagement (500 annually)
  • Transition coaching for early career professionals.  (1500 per year)
  • High Potential Development
  •  Leadership Development from emerging leaders to executives
  • One-on-One coaching to work through individual struggles and barriers to high performance
  • Coaching people to gain self-awareness and perspective so they can decide what behaviors to develop as strengths and what to leave behind in their quest to reach their vision of success
  • Energy based coaching is used to raise awareness of one’s own inner blocks, bad habits and self- sabotaging behavior so people have the power to recreate their future
  • Coaching individuals in transition - college to corporate, upward mobility, leadership development, work life balance and retirement planning

Jennifer passionately believes that everyone has the capacity to accomplish their goals


LAURA FRANZEN - ICF Professional Certified Coach, ELI-MP, MSW

Laura has had a wide-ranging career spanning multiple roles in multiple companies - all of which share an entrepreneurial heart.  Along the way, she has gathered an array of unique experiences which give her insights into how companies grow and succeed.  With her background in social work, Laura’s has always kept an eye on how individual’s attitudes, perspectives and achievements are largely influenced by their situations.  She is driven by the potential for individuals to achieve greater than their own sense of self.

From starting her own small business through the adventure of managing international sales for a publicly-traded enterprise, the challenges and atmosphere of entrepreneurship have been constantly present in Laura’s work.  For nearly two decades, Laura has found herself in new roles–promoted through companies as they rapidly grew or reshaped in quick succession.  Stints running Human Resources then Regional and National Sales led to the formation and management of a European office as International Director of Sales for a software company.  Wearing all of these hats within organizations of all sizes has given her valuable insight into operational realities, corporate politics and the constant challenges of a changing work environment.

Most importantly, Laura has had the opportunity to manage and work closely with teams of highly skilled and talented individuals.  As a natural skilled listener and oftentimes confidante, Laura has gained tremendous perspective on what motivates and drives talented people.  By listening to and carefully guiding her teams, she has brought more out every company and individual she has worked with.

Laura holds a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Illinois in Chicago and a BA from University of  Minnesota.  Laura is also a Certified Life Coach through the Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP). She is also a Certified Stott Pilates Instructor.


Effron Photo - 1.jpg

Effron Esseiva - BSc, msc, Certified Coach

Effron helps you take the art of possible to the next level of digital  transformation for your organization. He engages leaders to seize an organizational learning opportunity with ambitious goal setting and outcome measurement to drive more predictable business results and better control of your strategic targets. By capturing your organization's value chain, Effron facilitates discussions to remove organizational obstacles and discover opportunities to improve your organization and various subsystems. 

Once you identify your ideal culture, Effron will implement structural and digital systems to facilitate the vision your have for your organization. 

He is energized by coaching, mentoring and knowing that you will succeed.  


Carrie has always been the voice of reason for everyone around her. She identifies the strengths in others and works with people to identify and use them to the highest ability.  She excels in working with people who feel stuck by raising their awareness of blocks and what they perceive to be true about themselves and the world around them.  Carrie’s life experiences as job coach, trainer, presenter, sales liaison and account manager all taught her that, above all else, life is about relationships—our relationship with ourselves as well as one another. 


An international speaker, coach, writer and teacher, Joy uses focused listening skills, a heightened sense of intuition to help you achieve the results you want.   Joy’s experience as a small business entrepreneur, and degrees in business, psychology, and early childhood education bring a unique perspective to her coaching.  She has been coaching parents, families, leaders and teachers for over 30 years on a variety of topics including relationships, communication, and leadership.   She is increasingly sought after to support people with work/life balance, time management, and dealing with life after loss.  Joy focuses on the inherent strengths of each person she works with, guiding them to take the steps to become their very best.

Her passion is empowering people to embrace their strengths, and use those strengths to become the person they are meant to be.  Joy believes we all have a purpose in life.  Her greatest joy is partnering with people, supporting them to come into alignment with their purpose and step into their greatness, so that every facet of their life is positively impacted.

MEL SELLICK - Professional Media Coach

Mel Sellick is an international journalist, media coach and Huffington Post blogger, empowering others to spread positive messages throughout the globe. Her specialties are presentation, personal development, and life-balance topics. 

A gifted and intuitive communicator, Mel trains individuals to present themselves powerfully and authentically on camera and in all forms of communication.

Mel has lived and worked around the world, bringing inspirational and cross-cultural stories to light on television and in film. Mel's work has aired on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, NIKE, INHD Hi-Definition Network, AOL TV, History Channel, Voice Entertainment films, Pay Per View, Island Def Jam Records and National Geographic.